Total Mail Converter Pro: The perfect tool for all mail users

Total Mail Converter Pro: The perfect tool for all mail users

Total mail converter pro is a tool that converts Email messages (MSG,EML) into DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, HTML, TIFF, HTMLX, RTF documents and image files like JPEG, TIFF format. What makes this converter different from other converters is it’s capability of converting the email as well as it’s attachment into a single PDF file. Suppose your email contains a HTML attachment, then the email message as well as the HTML attachment would be converted into a single PDF file as a part of single operation. You don’t need to convert email messages attachments separately and then establish connection between the two. Rather you can do it in a single operation hence making it easier or less complex, and is time saving too. This tool is perfect for MSG to PDF conversion.


Time saving and user-friendly

Total mail converter pro was designed to stand out as an efficient mail converter that could save hours of time and hence its batch feature allows you to process hundreds and thousands of emails in a bunch very effectively. Not only this, it also provides the feature of customization to its user that makes it more user friendly and reliable. If you want to convert MSG to PDF, then no other tool can be better than Total mail converter pro.

Some more advantages

Total mail converter pro facilitates you in the following ways:

  • While converting attachments saved in DOC, TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML, XLS, Open office formats into DOC, RTF, HTML, HTMLX, JPEG, PDF or TIFF format documents. Makes MSG to PDF conversion easier and in timely fashion.
  • In the converted emails, your attachments are possible to save in clickable links making it easier for user to access it whenever they want.
  • Combination of various emails into a single file is made possible.
  • Reduction in time spent for the task as it also converts the attachments with that emails respectively and hence lessens the headache of user.
  • Allows you to rename the output files with the use of macro (Name, sender, date, subject etc.). You can also rename attachments as per your understanding.
  • You can even customize your documents appearance by changing font, size, and color as per your choice or may be any external CSS theme to your output file.


Total mail converter pro works well with windows vista, 2000/2003/7/ 8/ 10. The convertor has user-friendly interface that allows the user to customize their output files as per their taste. Its batch processing facility allows one to process hundreds and thousands of emails at ease. Conversion of attachments is again a pro for this tool. It’s these advanced features of Total Mail Converter Pro that makes it unique amongst other mail Converters.