The Best of Video Ad Making for Your Choices

The Best of Video Ad Making for Your Choices

Live replay of a live event may be very useful for increasing brand awareness or website traffic. You can use quality paid service through specialized companies, or use live video tools on smartphones like Periscope, Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

User Generated Content (UGC) videos

These contents are not produced by the brand, but by its users or fans. Do not underestimate the scope of such content even if sometimes the quality is not at the rendezvous. In fact, 96% of B2B buyers trust the content of their peers more than content produced by the brand. You can now create video ads with a great support.

Techniques: videos and animated films

It’s not just the camera to produce a video film for the web. Animation films or cartoons on whiteboards are also very useful techniques. These two techniques have the advantage of synchronizing the appearance of the image and sound at the same time which promotes understanding and allows popularizing complex subjects. We’ll let you watch this animation video on the theory of relativity to prove it to you.

The tools

There are of course pro tools with cameras or high-end SLRs. However, for lower budgets we can get the right results with a high-end SmartPhone and some notions of framing and light. In terms of sound, it will be necessary to think about investing in a microphone, especially for interviews.

For editing, pro software is unbeatable, but it requires significant technical knowledge. Apple’s iMovie software may be an interesting alternative for free even if it is a little less powerful.

But what makes video more affordable are the online tools that make it easy and fast to create animation videos for very low costs using predefined templates.

How long for a B2B marketing video?

When it comes to the format, we often think of the length of the video. What often comes up is that it must be short to be effective. In reality, everything will depend on the use you want to make of this video. If it’s for social media, it’s better to be less than 3 minutes for easy viewing. Thus, it will be more likely to be a vector of virility on different networks with easy sharing. Now, if you are doing a tutorial, a testimonial or an interview to be hosted on your website, the length can exceed several 10 minutes. This, of course, does not include live event broadcasts, the duration of which can be very long.

Where to disseminate it and how to promote it?

Indeed, making a video is the first point of departure, but it must also be disseminated and promoted if you want it to reach your target.

On your website: It will be used as a content of your website to decorate your pages with attractive and easily consumable content. Moreover, with optimized SEO, it will allow you to go back more easily in searches on search engines.

On a landing page: In this case, the goal is to generate leads for a marketing campaign. A well-adapted Call-To-Action (CTA) will be very important to bring the user to the desired action after reading the video.

On YouTube: YouTube is an interesting B2B platform. Indeed, it is useful for branding with a YouTube channel. It also improves SEO for searches in Google.