Tips to get the most out your phone

Tips to get the most out your phone

Phones and tablets are valuable pieces of equipment, and for many people they are completely indispensable. The idea of a losing a phone either to theft or damage is almost incomprehensible. It contains all your contacts, your banking apps, your social media and a repository of all your images and videos. Most people don’t ever back up their handsets and so every day is a tightrope walk of potential loss and misery in the event something happens to the phone. And while you cannot make the risk disappear entirely, there are definitely ways to mitigate against it. Here are a few ideas to help.

Cover up

As robust as you think your phone might be, it just takes one bad fall or a drop onto a hard floor and it is shattered into pieces. So, cover up and protect the handset – it really should go without saying. In fact, it is something of a modern marvel that phones are made in such a way that they need covers, wouldn’t it make much more sense if they were bought already fitted into protective cases? Regardless of this, just buy one. Go online to a search-engine of your choice, and type in something like ‘ buy iPhone x case ’ and see what results come back. You might be amazed by the array of result that come back. Typically, they will be many and varied, it should not be too difficult to find something that speaks to your personality and style.

Don’t be dodgy

If you are going to buy an iPhone and you are all about Apple and its products, then don’t go and risk the health of your handset by charging it with a dodgy knock-off product. The same applies to any number if accessories that you might chose to pair with your phone. And the same logic holds true with other devices as well. This is not just advice about iPhones, rather it is advice to steer clear of ill-fitting, power surging, battery draining, virus bearing accessories that can only serve to have a negative impact on your handset.

Lower the load

Your phone has the capacity to work hard, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be at maximum capacity all the time. If you have apps of products open that you are not using, then close them down. You can have as many apps as you want running in the background, but what is the point? It keeps your phone processing and draining the battery and getting tired. Remember, the goal is to help your phone to help you, so rest it up whenever you can.

Stay away from danger

Just be logical here. Keep your phone away from places that can damage it. In other words, if you are going for a stroll in the breakers at the beach, don’t have the phone in your bathing costume pocket. And if you feel the need to read emails while lying in the bath, perhaps reconsider the idea. Of course, it might turn out that everything is fine, but it just takes one slip or loss of focus and your phone is dunked under the water or shattered on rocks. If it really is important to you, treat it like it is.