How to build an SEO friendly website?

How to build an SEO friendly website?

Having an SEO friendly website is the main target of many website owners. SEO is an important field today, and it is continuously emerging. The extension in the field of SEO can be understood from the thing that updates to the algorithm are made regularly. The algorithm is the pattern that Google follows to provide good results to the users. The algorithm keeps track of many more things than you think even the specialist SEO fail to provide all the ranking factors. The reason is that Google does not reveal all the ranking factors and the SEO experts have to find this by seeing the trend of searches.

Some techniques to get a better ranking:

Ranking high in Google search results is not easy. Google tracks a lot of information and factors to give an appropriate position in the organic search results. Followings are some practices that you can follow to gain a better position in Google search results:

  • Your site should be mobile-friendly. There are more searches performed through mobile phones. Thus, having a mobile-friendly website is necessary.
  • The site loading speed must be less. This ensures that the user feels comfortable to stay on your website because a slow loading page gives a sort of frustration.
  • Outbound links are really important. Having a greater number of outbound links of higher quality gives you a higher position in Google search results.
  • Inbound links are also important. When a user visits a webpage, he sees the links and thus moves on to the other pages of your site. This increases the number of hits.
  • Content is the real deciding factor for ranking. A unique and SEO optimized content is best to boost up your rankings.

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