Virtual Classroom Software and Screen Sharing Software

Virtual Classroom Software and Screen Sharing Software

Screen sharing software is desktop sharing that allows for real-time teamwork. Users can meet, share their screen and work together in a virtual space. Screensharing i s often called web conferencing, and it’s supported by iOS and Android mobile devices.


Screenleap is an installation-free viewing ability– viewing is done from any device with anInstallation-Free Viewing and can be done from any device having a browser (including PCs, tablets, Macs, smartphones) without installing any software.

Share from all devices

This also supports input from Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac, and all operating system that supports the Chrome browser. Save time which is valuable by not needing your viewers to build an account to see your screen. Add screen sharing to the site using API or our Premium Account. You can expect great performance, whether you are sharing with one viewer or ten thousand.

Virtual classroom software

LearnCube Virtual has as a simple goal; Virtual Classroom works in any browser, without any downloads, with an in-built interface, so that teachers can focus on what they do best to teach. So, they developed a virtual classroom specifically for the needs of teachers to effectively teach online. LearnCube is everything you need to teach online.

Virtual classroom

A virtual classroom has as online situations that let students and teachers to communicate and explain ideas. A live virtual classroom will have a couple of main elements. It has the ability for video conferencing, so students and teachers can see each other. Also has audio so suppliers can hear each other. And has cooperating online whiteboard; so users can interact on the same online page.

Different between virtual and physical

How different is a virtual classroom to a physical classroom? In most ways a virtual classroom basically mirrors the physical classroom. In a physical class the studentshas to be able to see the teacher, the students, the whiteboard and learning materials.

Virtual class

In a virtual class, the student is able to see and hear the teacher with the video/audio stream. The whiteboard lets teachers explain ideas and work through exercises on the online board through the internet.