What You Need To Know About Pokemon

What You Need To Know About Pokemon

Everyone has already seen, heard, read the word “Pokemon.” But what are these funny creatures that have invaded our screens, our PCs and our consoles? The word Pokémon is the fusion of the English words “Pocket” and “Monster,” literally “pocket monsters.”

A Pokémon is smarter than any animal: it understands the language of humans because it can obey orders that we will not have learned by heart. They think and communicate with each other, have human reasoning such as “let’s help this person in danger!” They speak most of the time by pronouncing their name.

Relation Between Humans and Pokémon

Pokémon is first, foremost battle monsters. Their extraordinary abilities allow for spectacular and strategic clashes.

Pokémon trainers are people who breed Pokémon to fight other trainers. All young trainers aspire to become a Pokémon Master, the largest and most powerful Pokémon trainer of all time. For his, the tournament that offers the winner the rank of Master, he must complete an initiatory journey in which he will face eight trainers more powerful than normal called champions. For example, Ondine, the champion of the arena of Azuria is a specialist in water type Pokémon. The Arena Champion gives the trainer a badge if he wins the match. After eight badges, the trainer can enroll in the league. In a nutshell, Pokemon hopes to live in a world sharing everything with humans.

Pokemon League and Game

The Pokémon league is different from the game and cartoon. The trainer must defeat the terrible Council of 4, which includes four powerful champions and the Pokémon Master of the moment in the game to get the title. The Pokémon League is a huge tournament in the cartoon where the hero has to face other challengers who also aim for the title of Master. This tournament is a reference to the Olympic Games: before opening the Kanto Pokémon league, for example, runners took turns to carry a flame (which would be that of the Pokémon Sulfura) which would enthrall the league as the Olympic flame throne to the games of the same name. There is also Jupiter Pokemon which is a hacked device of Pokemon Ruby but allows hackers to use their imaginations however they want it.

If we can fight our favorite monsters, since the Hoenn season we can also compete on the beauty side. A Pokémon coordinator is a person who breeds Pokémon for Pokémon competitions. In the anime, Pokémon competitions consist of a show given by the coordinator and the Pokémon: first a demonstration of abilities (for example juggling a balloon or destroying a series of targets), then a fight against other coordinators. A jury determines the winner. In the game, there are actually 5 different Pokémon contest themes: beauty, intelligence, coolness, stamina, and grace. Their course is about the same as in the cartoon.
The coordinator who wins the contest wins a ribbon; a number of these ribbons allow him to register for much higher level competitions.