6 Advantages Of USB C Cable That You Should Be Aware Of

6 Advantages Of USB C Cable That You Should Be Aware Of

USB C cable, also popular by the name universal cable, offers multiple benefits that make things easier for users. Be it the designing or the high data transfer speed by USB type c cable , all the features are far more advanced than older USB cable versions. Also, other than data transfer, this cable can be used as a charging cord to charge tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, including the ones by Apple.

Interesting facts About Type-C USB Cable

To begin with, the slick and sophisticated design of the type c USB cable is akin the USB Micro-B cable. However, the features are far more advanced. Type C USB cable is also capable of supporting all interfaces. Thus, no matter if you have an old version of a gadget with a thicker port, the type c cable will still be compatible. And a compilation of all the interfaces that type c cable can camouflage to is given below.

  • Type-C (M) to Type-A (F)
  • Type-C (M) to Type-C (F)
  • Type-C (M) to Micro 2.0 B (M)
  • Type-C (M) to HDMI connectors (F)
  • Type- C (M) to VGA connectors (F)

6 Stunning Advantages Of Type C USB Cable Explained In Layman Terms

  1. Type c USB cable connector helps in transferring audio files and multiple video files simultaneously
  2. Type c USB cable protects the battery life by guarding the battery even when you use the devices while they’re on charging mode
  3. Type c USB cable is backward compatible. Which is why it supports all slim as well as thick ports. It is also the reason that it is compatible with all interfaces
  4. Type c USB cable is not just affordable but long-lasting too. Besides, since it supports all devices including Apple devices, it is the best money saving option
  5. Type c USB cable has a quick data transfer speed of 10GBps that helps in seamless file transfer. It is also the reason that this universal cable charges your phones and laptops quickly
  6. Unlike any other current data cable in the market, it is the type c USB cable that delivers 100 w power which is much higher than the 2.5 w power by USB 2 cable and 4.5 w power by USB C cable

Now that you know everything about the advantages of type c USB cable, it’s time you have a glimpse of some of the best features of USB 3.1 Type-C (USB-C) Multiport Adapter by Primecables.

  • It has a lifetime warranty and is 15 cm long
  • It can convert USB-C 3.1 to USB 3.0 and RJ45
  • It has a speed of 500MB/s to 600MB/s