What are the Best Netbooks for Sale?

Netbooks are fast becoming one of the most portable ways to access the internet on the move. Many people who need access to the internet will require a big screen with a keyboard in order to edit spreadsheets, type emails and browse the internet on the move. Smartphones tend to be too small for this purpose, so many people think that netbooks are the best device to have for this purpose. So, what is the best netbook for sale at the moment?

HP Pavilion Touchsmart3

This is one of the cheapest touchscreen options. With a rather generous 11.6-inch screen, it is a great option for those who require a good sized screen with touchscreen capabilities.

The most basic model of the HP Pavilion Touchsmart comes with a powerful dual-core AMD processor, which is similar to the Intel Core i3.While the CPU is slightly less powerful at 1GHz compared to the Lenovo ThinkPad, it still offers good speed for the price. There is an option to pay extra for the 1.4Ghz processor to match the speed of the Lenovo, and we think it is worth doing if you have the extra money available. The Touchsmart comes with fitted with an Intel HD 4000 graphics card, which allows you to play games on the move. Although it is not suited for intensive gaming, we still think you would notice a difference in terms of game play.

In terms of memory, the Touchsmart comes with 4GB of RAM memory, which will be enough for the average user. There is an option to upgrade to 8GB of RAM, but we would only advise this if you intend to use a lot of programs on the netbook at the same time. There is an option to select the 320GB or a 500GB hard drive. The 320GB option will be enough for most people’s needs, especially with the advent of cloud storage.

Asus 1015E3

An alternative to the HP Pavilion TouchPad is the Asus 1015E. Many other review sites have praised the Asus 1015E, and there will be another positive review from us!

The Asus comes fitted with a Celeron 847 CPU, with a speed of 1.1Ghz. This is about average for a netbook, but because it uses less power, it will save you money in the long run compared to some other netbooks which are on the market at the moment.

The Asus has 2GB of RAM, but there is an option to upgrade to 4GB of RAM if you needed the extra memory. In terms of hard drive space, there is 320GB storagewhich is sufficient. Or, you can select the 500GB version. With the 7.5 hours of battery life, you can be sure that this netbook is perfectly suited for using on the go. It is therefore one of the best netbooks for travelling.

If you need any more advice, or have a suggestion as to what you think is the best netbook, just let us know.