Want to Blog about Food? Here’s What You Should Know

Want to Blog about Food? Here’s What You Should Know

Foodie blogging is fun and, if done right, can be extremely lucrative. However, it can be difficult to become a foodie blogger overnight. Becoming a successful foodie blogger will even take more time. However, good effort pays. If you want to become successful and make money blogging about food, here are several things you should know:


Finding a Niche is Important

There are countless foodie blogs out there on the web. Your blog will have to stand out above all of them to attract a following. How unique your blog is will determine its appeal and success. In marketing, this is referred to as finding a niche. Instead of getting the general population to like your blog, you should make it appealing to the select group of people who might become absolutely devoted followers. Loyal readers will be the ones who will buy things from your blog. You will have to find a very focused topic for this. You can blog about rare food, or you can find a unique angle to blogging about common food. The point is to attract a following that will absolutely love your blog.

The Site Design Should be Unique

The way your blog is designed will speak volumes to its ability to be successful. You can easily create a blog using a free platform like WordPress . However, you will have to spend time getting the layout and other aspects just right. If you are serious about monetizing using your blog, it’s best to hire a firm to create the site. If you are not familiar with how to do it, you can easily hire a local agency for cheap, like Abu Dhabi web design . You can create the site, and later get a professional to perfect it too. When you create your website you will have to think about aspects like mobile responsiveness (how easy it is for smartphone users to view your site). Also, page speed matters, which brings up to the next point.

Mind the Page Speed

When creating your blog, it’s very important to make it user friendly and speedy. Foodie bloggers often have to upload tons of pictures. This tends to slow down the site because of the extra bulk. So, you will have to be careful with the design choices you make. Keep the overall layout minimalist. Plus, you should compress images before uploading as well. The web page should load under 2 seconds on both desktops and smartphones. This is not an easy task but you will absolutely have to ensure it.

Get Ready to Spend a Lot of Time Promoting Your Content

The toughest part will be promoting your blog posts. You will have to spend several hours at least to promote a single blog post. Content promotion these days is not limited to just Facebook shares. If you want your blog posts to be visible, especially at the beginning when there aren’t that many subscribers, you will have to promote them on content aggregator sites, email lists, multiple social networks, and elsewhere. Also, you may have to create videos and presentations for the post, which takes even more time. So, be prepared for backbreaking, time consuming work to promote your blog.

The most successful blogs also have influencers with big followings. It will take some hard work, but with effort your will be able to make your foodie blog into a success.