Interactive web designing

Interactive web designing

Interactive web designing combines multiple different skills into one to give you a unique interface to meet your business needs. It also sometime uses inbuilt software’s, modules and relevant features which create a part of the website. It works both as a web application and a website and provide you advance user experience.

The different areas which come under the web design Kettering like web graphic design, interface design, web software’s, and search engine optimization.

User experience in interactive websites

The user understands the website by its visual and its working if the working is simple enough for them to understand well and design which attracts them then your website is a hit. User experience is mostly related to website layout and its design. The design and layout must be simple and attractive so one can easily understand the website and its working. There is one variable here that is user some user are very smart other are not that much so from user to user the website level of understanding changes. Users who are skilled and brainy can even find difficult website interaction easy. However, user with less experience will struggle in understanding even basic things in a distinctive website. Let’s have look on different integral parts of an interactive website


Web designers will choose a typeface to represent the website to only a few with similar style, they don’t use very different typefaces or type styles. The reason for that is that mostly browser understands a particular type of design and limited font. These fonts are usually used so there will be no delay in a website loading.

This technique of font downloading was first included in CSS3 fonts module and from then it’s used as a standard. People have rapidly increased their interest towards web typography. Most of the website uses negative space to break paragraphs and to make text alignment.

Motion Graphics

The website layout can also be changed by the use of different motion graphics. The choice whether to use motion graphic or not totally depends on the website and its maker. Motion graphics sometimes give more meaning and entertainment to the website by attracting more traffic towards it. However, if your target audience are kind of series and formal interest person then they would find motion graphic distracting and it would be a waste to use one. This doesn’t actually mean that you shouldn’t use motion graphic to enhance your website and user experience.

Page layout

Page layout has a lot to do with website interface and designer may choose a particular layout for whole website or different layout for different pages. The width of the page is fixed as it should not increase the normal recommendation of the browser. Mostly the pages are centre aligned.

Fluid layout also had gained popularity this was due to screen reading devices. Accordingly, the design can be broken into smaller units like content block, side bar and navigation areas.