How to buy best projector

How to buy best projector

Buying a projector at home for watching series or movies sounds fun but confused. Whether to buy a LED or a DLP projector, how large should be the room to place it, where to project, etc. Which projector consider to be the best and contain good reviews, then you must visit where you will get all the detailed reviews of the projectors that will help you to buy the best projectors according to your budget and requirement. So many questions will trouble you; here are only the few things you need to know.

Projection size:

The wide variety of projectors is available now days but before buying any projector, you need to take some major decisions. The most crucial of them all is the size of projection that you are looking at. Almost this is always measured diagonally. It can sound technical but there are so many websites that allow you to calculate the throw distance ratio that the projector you are buying one should have.

DLP versus LCD versus LED projectors

If you don’t know about the difference between DLP and LCD then don’t feel shy about it. Basically, these are the distinct technologies. DLP projectors have a chip made of a spinning color wheel and tiny microscopic mirrors. In terms of projection, it has got a better response time and delivers sharp images. The LCD projectors use liquid crystal displays that don’t have moving parts. The main plus point of LCD projector is the lower noise and better saturation. On the other side, they need filter maintenance and have less contrast. LED projectors only use tiny LEDs that deliver best colors with lower power consumption. Along with the lifespan of over 20,000 hours, they only need zero maintenance. LED projectors are generally smaller in size, compact and produce less heat.

Wall or Screen?

For the purpose of professional setup, the projection is always made with screen as it offers more smooth projection with high reflectance; they reflect light better and even work in a bright room. Even you can use a wall to project in dark; the experience will not be the same. But the wall needs to be painted white and smooth. Its projection will not good on a pinkish, yellow or any colored wall.

Viewing distance:

The distance between the projector and the wall is matters only and it is important as well, so the viewing distance need to be more. Generally, one should sit at least at a distance of twice the image width.

Connectivity :

Merrier mainly stands true for connectivity on a projector too. While HDMI, VGA and AVI are usually present, prefer having a USB for playing and plugging videos and images. But if you are thinking for setting up a big home theatre, where the projector will be ceiling mounted, where you can do without a USB too.