Home Automation and Connected Home: Concept of Automatism

Home Automation and Connected Home: Concept of Automatism

It has been an Intelligent approach to create connected homes in recent years, and it continues to evolve in our daily lives. First with automation installed on objects (garage door …), then with the programming (washing machine …) and remote control (heating control …), to robots and objects connected. All is being controlled by a home automation system on smartphones and, or tablets.

What is An Automatism Exactly?

An automatism simply means using a machine or a mechanism, which acts in a completely automated way without human intervention a usual and predefined action of an object. To start and fulfil its task, the automation uses a program within your home automation system. You can contact Smart Home London to make your home smarter and safer.


These programs can be home automation sensors for motion, presence, light, smoke, etc., electronic equipment essential for the accurate assessment of the environment at a time. For example, properly automated and programmed, a sensor in a bed will detect at night the rising of the person lying down and cause the lighting of a light path to guide the risen person in the room.


You can also use a home automation programming that you can change at will at different scenarios, such as starting every night at 18h heating to reach 19 ° C when you return at 20h.

Home Automation System

Finally, you can use a box or central programmed home automation that manages your home automation system, interacting with your orders transmitted via remote controls, smartphones, and tablets.


By mechanizing domestic actions, the home automation dispenses to perform the same actions such as closing the shutters, adjust the heating to the preferred degree, connect the alarm or vacuum. The gain in comfort, regularity of actions and safety is quite certain.

Automatisms have multiple and infinite functions. Combined with connected objects and your home automation system, it will allow you to control all kinds of objects by adapting to the conditions you have defined.