What to Look For When Buying a Pair of Bluetooth Headphones

What to Look For When Buying a Pair of Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones get rid of those annoying wires and increase your convenience if you crave for high-energy tunes to juice up your workout, private listening at home or work, and adrenaline-pumping gaming experience to express your style. There are so many things, which make an excellent Bluetooth headphone. In this guide, we’ll help you get a better understanding of what to look for in Bluetooth headphones, and how to make an informed choice when you’re shopping for a pair.

Types of Bluetooth Headphone

Your choice of type is highly personal depending on what you’ll use them for most often. Many headphone users are comfortable wearing insert-style earphones while others find it irritating. Some users prefer over-ear or on-ear headphones. Use this guide to find the type that suits your specific needs.

  • Over-Ears

Over-ears is also known as circum-aural and around-ears headphones. Over-ears have a large headband and driver casings, but the earcups wrap entirely around your ears, instead of resting on them.

  • On-Ears

This type is known as supra-aural headphones. They are typically lighter than over-ear but sit on your ears. These types of headphones cover your ear canals, rather than your entire ear.

  • In-Ears

In-ear headphones are the smallest and most portable type of headphones . They are very common because they often come with portable audio players and smartphones. In-Ears models are inserted into your ear canal, forming a seal that can help keep out external sounds.

What to Consider Before Getting a New Bluetooth Headphone

Not all Bluetooth headphones are created equal whether you opt for in-ear, on-ear or over-ear Bluetooth headphones. You need to consider the following aspects depending on your needs and budget:

Battery Life

Bluetooth headphones require a power supply. This power might come in the form of a built-in rechargeable battery or standard disposable batteries. The size and efficiency of the cell will dictate how long they can use before they run out of charge. We recommend the rechargeable option instead of tossing batteries out again and again. Remember, that battery life is related to volume. The louder the music, then the shorter the headphone battery life.

Sound Quality

It’s important to read other buyers reviews to gauge whether the sound fidelity of the headphone you intended to buy is up to the task. Like speakers, headphones indicate different parts of the audio spectrum, and you might prefer one sound to another. It’s recommended to try the headphones before you buy but if you purchase online, check whether it offers return policies.

Noise cancellation

Noise canceling headphones are incredibly useful, but they tend to be expensive. These headphones sample out the noise around and play an inverted version of that sound in your ears. Active noise canceling headphones use small microphones to filter outside noise and produce noise in opposite frequency.


The only way to judge comfort is to put the headphone on and listen for at least 10 minutes. Unfortunately, you can’t sit in the store for hours with the headphone on your head, but you should try and get a good idea of how well they fit by wearing them for a little while. For those that shop online, it’s best to read reviews from previous buyers


When you get to the store, ensure you check how durable each pair of headphones feel before you make any purchase. Be sure to assess the build quality of your prospective headphones. Also, check whether the product offers a warranty. An excellent product should come with one or two year’s warranty.

Wrap Up

Many manufacturers now offer Bluetooth headphones at different quality and price points if you’re looking to buy a Bluetooth headphone. We hope this guide provides you valuable information about different types of Bluetooth headphones and things you need to keep in mind before making any purchase.