Video conferencing MCU – definition, key, relationship

Video conferencing MCU – definition, key, relationship

First, the video conference MCU definition

The MCU is a physical entity. For the rectangular, the appearance is generally similar to the butterfly machine. MCU can not be used independently. Must be used in conjunction with videoconferencing terminals. MCU is divided into two parts, namely MC (Multipoint Controller) and MP (Multipoint Processor).

MCU is a multi-point control unit, also known as single-chip microcomputer (SingleChipMicrocomputer), refers to the emergence of large-scale integrated circuits and its development, the computer’s CPU, RAM, ROM, timer and a variety of I / O interface integrated in a chip, the formation of chip-level computer, for different applications to do different combinations of control!

Second, video conferencing MCU and video conferencing terminal relationship

Video conference desktop meeting mode real-time participation in the conference system, you can carry out various types of video conferencing , multi-voice, video, data conferencing capabilities. At the same time the system at all levels of units using tree architecture, that is, units at all levels can only with its subordinate units for video conferencing, the same level between the branches are not allowed directly. MCU system at all levels are used between the cluster mode of operation, to maximize the reasonable allocation of MCU resources to use; to provide effective, rich and safe means of remote training .

Video conferencing with high-definition video conferencing MCU, standard definition video conferencing MCU high-definition video conferencing terminal, SD video conferencing terminal, MCU management and control center: the meeting, users, multi-level meetings and other management, and support records management, complete the organization meetings and meetings Control functions; complete system services update system maintenance, rights management and other functions.

Summary: MCU can not be used independently. Must be used in conjunction with videoconferencing terminals.

Third, MCU is the key to multi-point video conferencing system

MCU role is equivalent to the role of a switch, but it is the general telephone network switches are not the same. The former is to switch the digital signal, while the latter to switch the analog signal. MCU will be from the venue of the information flow, after the separation, the extraction of audio, video, data and other information and signaling, and then the meeting site information and signaling, into the same processing module to complete the corresponding Audio mixing or switching, video mixing or switching, data broadcasting and routing, timing and conference control process, and finally the meeting site needs a variety of information re-combination, sent to the corresponding terminal system equipment.

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