Types of Toner Cartridge you should know about in 2018?

Types of Toner Cartridge you should know about in 2018?

Businesses often use toner cartridges mainly because they produce high-quality print output than the inkjet cartridge printers. Usually, inkjet cartridges use printer ink. Toner cartridges are usually ideal for businesses, home offices. These cartridges don’t have to replace quite often to it comes longer than old cartridges.

If you are new to cartridge means you might be thinking what is a toner cartridge?


Let me explain.

What is a Toner Cartridge?

A toner cartridge is a consumable component in a laser printer. It is also known as printer toner or laser toner. Here toner cartridge contains toner powder, dry mixture of plastic particles, carbon and other coloring agents which make the actual image perfect on the paper.

The process of toner is it transferred to the paper via electrostatically drum unit and it will fuse onto the paper by heated rollers.

Now, by seeing this you might get a question “what produce a higher quality output in printers”

Let me explain that as well.

What produces a higher quality output in printers?

Usually, the toner cartridge used by laser printer is the best one to produce high-quality output prints in your printer rather than inkjet printers.

Process of Toner Cartridge:

The image which is printed on the laser printer is “shone” onto the rotating drum and expose the area to the laser beam. Then it forms an electrostatic image of the document you want to print. As the process go on, imaging drum unit receives a negative charge then the toner will stick the paper to drum unit. Finally, image will be transferred to the paper by the source of static electricity.

These toner cartridges are mostly useful for people who take lots of prints for office needs. You can buy hp toner from 123ink.ca for best and cost-effective prices.

Types of Toner Cartridges:

Usually there are four types of toner cartridges. I’ll simply explain them in this article.

  • Genuine Toner Cartridges:

Genuine toner cartridges are the best cartridges which are made from the original manufacturer. These manufacturers offer guarantees when you use their genuine toner to your printer. Although these toner cartridges are expensive they worth in getting you the quality printout and along with warranty assurance.

  • Compatible Toner Cartridges:

Compatible Toner Cartridges are known as generic toner cartridges which are built up from the scratch. They are not remanufactured or refilled toners. These toner cartridges are produced from different manufacturers and sold under different brands.

This is a cost-effective alternative to the genuine toner cartridge but if you need quality you have to use genuine toner cartridges.

  • Remanufactured Toner Cartridges:

Typically, these are more expensive than the compatible toners because these were remanufactured toner cartridges. That means these were dismantled after the first use and will be replaced by the toner cartridges after the cleaning process.

To meet the genuine cartridges. The recycling process of these remanufactured toner cartridges involves inspecting, cleaning, replacing worn parts, reassembling, and filling with the toner.

  • Refilled toner cartridges:

Refilled toner cartridges will refill your toner cartridges. They will open a hole and refill it with the fine toner powder. The worn and the defective parts might affect the printing quality so it is best to stay away from these types of cartridges and stick with the genuine cartridge.