The Wireless Charging: An Old Technology Getting Popular Recently

The Wireless Charging: An Old Technology Getting Popular Recently

The principle of working of wireless charging is electromagnetic induction. In this process the voltage is placed across a conductor which has a changing magnetic field or the conduction is moving through a stationary magnetic field.

These days smartphones have become a basic necessity for the people living in a society; most of the individuals living anywhere in the world carry a smartphone with them. Though still today much more people use wired cable compared to wireless chargers, the iPhone has introduced charging pads in their new models, and they are getting extremely popular.

How does inductive charging works?

Induction chargers contain two primary induction coils. One is housed in the ‘charging base,’ typically referred to as the ‘mat,’ and also is in charge of generating A/C from within the base. The other remains in the mobile device looking for a charge, such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. The coil might be in the kind of a pad that clips to your phone, a circuit ingrained inside your phone or a replacement battery cover with a built-in charging coil that gets linked to the charging outlet. Together, these two coils compose an electrical transformer.

When the power supply to the charging pad is switched on, Alternate current streams through it and produces a magnetic field, a transforming magnetic field, around the primary coil. When the additional coil, the receiver coil, which is housed in the smartphone can be found in close distance to the former, an electrical current is produced within the coil. The AC moving through the coil in the smartphone is transformed to direct current or DC by the receiver circuit. The DC created by doing this could ultimately be utilized to charge the battery of the smartphone.

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