The Gaming Laptop; To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question

The Gaming Laptop; To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question

Slim or Portable, Black or Gunmetal? These can be very serious decisions one must make when entering into the world of gaming. Gaming decisions are not something that games take lightly in the slightest. When it comes to gaming and choosing what device one will end up using that day or maybe that year, the decision is not as easy as it used to be. You see, five, maybe seven years ago, the only device that was ever used or even spoken about in the manner was a computer (CPU). It wasn’t even a debate let alone a conversation. The computer was, in so many specific ways, much more domineering in the world of gaming compared to anything else trying to barge its way into the conversation.

But, times have changed. Technology changes and so we as gamers, must change with it. It is supposed to benefit us to adapt and change with technology. That is the philosophy behind technology. If it doesn’t benefit us, then quite frankly, there is no need for it, point blank. You can find some interesting facts on the battle between the CPU &laptop here, at

Growing up as a kid, when I started gaming and finally became a true gamer I realized that the time I was able to spend gaming was capped for two reasons. First reason was if my parents told me I couldn’t game, I wasn’t gaming. The second reason was that the only place I could pretty much game at was at home. My computer was at home and at the time hooked up to a 56k modem wired connection. But the times have changed.

Now we have wireless connections, so we aren’t leashed by a telephone cord anymore. But, you won’t find people traveling with their computers under their arm that’s for sure. So as you can see the need for a thin, comparable computer was needed. So, finally the birth of the laptop happened. This was a big deal, especially to games. We could travel with our lab tops without people even knowing we have one with us. A 13 inch i7 Ultrabook for example, isn’t really a computer that’s going to be making the tongs in the zipper of your book bag hanging on for dear life. They have, in general, really worked towards suiting a gamers life, both on the competition level and the everyday at home recreational gamer.

Gaming is the ultimate world of niches. We all find out game that suites us best, we find out computer that suites us best. Whether that is a computer or a lab top, it all just depends on what makes us happy doing what we want to do. The gaming lab top is definitely noteworthy, its advantages seem to overlook its disadvantages and I think we just might be seeing a big change to the world of gaming, and change is always good, for someone.