The Best Way To Move Database From Mysql To Postgresql Servers

The Best Way To Move Database From Mysql To Postgresql Servers

The MySQL and PostgreSQL are well-known and open source RDBMS mostly used in a huge range of administration tools and programming APIs as required. However as a result of some benefits, while evaluating the two, PostgreSQL is the perfect choice. A few of its additional advantages are listed below:

  • Firstly, it supports various types of indexing
  • Secondly, it fully conforms with ANSI SQL standards
  • Moreover, it also offers you asynchronous commit
  • Furthermore, it supports both synchronous and asynchronous replication

As a result of all the above reasons, many organizations and businesses are now moving their database from MySQL to Postgres servers. Adopt these measures to ensure that you move your database successfully:

  • Firstly, you will have to extract table definitions from the source database management which in this situation is MySQL. You will have to extract the database in the form of DDL SQL statements.
  • Then you will have to transform the statements in line with the destination formatting. Then load the formatted statement to the target database.
  • Next, you need to export data from the MySQL database into an intermediate storage such as CSV files.
  • The the third step is converting data in line with the destination formatting. Then load it into Postgres database.
  • After that, you’ll want to extract stored procedures, views, and triggers from MySQL database by using SQL statements and source code.
  • Next, you will have to convert the statements in line with the destination formatting. As soon as the formatting is completed you need to load it into PostgreSQL database
  • At the end, you should examine if all the databases had been converted properly or not

The whole process of moving the database from MySQL to Postgres is extremely time-consuming when done manually. It takes lots of human time and effort. Also, there might be high risks of data loss or corruption in the transfer process. Consequently, it is always recommended that you use dedicated software to achieve this task.

Intelligent Converter created such a tool to convert MySQL to PostgreSQL with high-performance capabilities. It features a speed of around 10,000 records per second on the average modern system as a result of the attribute of direct reading and writing data without any type of middleware or library components.

Furthermore, the program has numerous benefits. It can support all the versions of the MySQL and PostgreSQL such as their cloud solutions. Moreover, for automation and scheduling of database, the command line version is accessible as well. Furthermore, you can also merge or synchronize MySQL data with existing PostgreSQL database rather than only moving it. In a few instances where you have to move specific records to the destination database, the program has unique filter tool for it. By using this program you can select the precise records you intend to transfer. You have opportunity to change the column and type by using the “custom column mapping” functionality of the software.

Should in case when the target PostgreSQL server doesn’t accept remote connection it is easy to export the data into SQL script using MySQL to PostgreSQL converter.