The Best 3 Surveillance Systems for Security

The Best 3 Surveillance Systems for Security

Surveillance systems are quite effective as a crime deterrent and with most of them reasonably priced their popularity has increased. Way back in the 90s, their usage was limited to public places, big business establishments, and affluent homeowners as they were expensive and required a qualified technician to install.

Today they are affordable and you can yourself install most of the models available unless you need a very specific one. You can get a Hikvision backdoor password protected camera at a very reasonable price.

Let us see some of the surveillance systems that are commonly available and are the best in the industry.

Network Camera

It is commonly known as IP camera, which has a camera and computer unit combined together in a single entity. Thus, it includes a lens, an image sensor, memory and one or more processors. These cameras have their own IP address, which is connected directly to the network. They come with really good resolution and serve the need of zooming up a particular spot brilliantly.

Analog Cameras

These are the most commonly found surveillance cameras that turn the video signal received into a format, which can then be received on any monitor. They are very affordable to install and most of the times they are more than sufficient for any kind of remote monitoring. They are available in various designs, which make it easier to find a model that suits your requirements perfectly. They have superior compatibility, which makes it easy to mix and match various brands in case you already have some camera equipment and wish to incorporate more.

Hybrid Video Recorder

HVR (Hybrid Video Recorder), as the name suggests, is the hybrid of the two i.e. analog and IP cameras. It means it can record videos from both of these. This technology is very useful when someone plans to expand its surveillance network and already have some analog cameras. In such cases, instead of replacing them, money can be saved by retaining those existing cameras and getting few new ones based on NVR technology.

The cost of security systems varies a lot with the pricey ones having advanced features and better quality. It is entirely dependent on your needs and budget. If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can brief your requirements to security experts and seek advice from them.