Singapore Launches a Self-Driving eScooter

Singapore Launches a Self-Driving eScooter

Just recently, on November 17th 2017, Singapore launched a self-driving eScooter for trial runs. These trials runs are taking place on the campus of the National University of Singapore, where it was designed. Right now it is only a prototype but after the trials are completed the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) will be able to make the necessary adjustments and hopefully release it for the public. They have various goals in mind for what their product will be able to do for society as a whole, and maybe even other parts of the world.

Currently the trials have shown positive results which has made the researchers pretty optimistic about moving forward with their eScooter project, The little self-driving scooter could just be the breakthrough NUS was looking for. The scooter will do more than just help those in need, the country itself has been motivated to look for alternatives to labored jobs because there is a shortage in the workforce in Singapore, which makes autonomous labors, like self-driving modes of transportation a massive benefit to the public.

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Little steps taken, like the release of the eScooter, can help make way for new and improved driverless vehicles such as taxis or trains. Not only does the autonomous transportation like the eScooter help the society, but it aids the environment by reducing emissions from people who will take their eScooter to the local grocery store instead of driving a car, or carpooling. This little scooter doesn’t give off emission because it is battery-powered.

This newest mode of transportation is about the size of a golf cart, but it has only one seat and is capable of navigating on it’s own. This driverless mode of transportation will help those who are disabled, or elderly and need help getting to places like bus stops. It’s also convenient for youth who cannot drive, or just those who would rather not drive. Thankfully, this scooter will also keep those who can’t stop staring at their phone from walking into other people, objects or even the into road. Distracted walking and driving is increasingly problematic for the society in Singapore, and all of the world.

This eScooter costs $10,500 (USD) to make, and could be the newest form of walking. Singapore’s battery powered scooter has sensors to detect objects that are near it on either side, and in front of it for up to 8 feet. The scooter has a reaction time of 0.2 seconds if it detects objects in it’s path. These scooters are not meat to be driven on roads because they can only go about 4 mph which is not much faster than an average walking speed. However, these scooters can be ridden inside or outside, making them very useful for those who also need help getting around their home.

Now, those who ride the carts in malls and stores can replace their slow moving, cart with an eScooter. SMART hopes the project will continue moving forward and that eventually they will be able to commercialize the product.

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