Know All About RichCopy Alternative- GS RichCopy 360

Know All About RichCopy Alternative- GS RichCopy 360

GS RichCopy 360 has been drafted and made with the idea that enterprise level firms need automated apps along with top level of end-user support. It also addresses the problem of redundancy because of its sturdy cloud storage solutions. These features are well-teamed with top level encryption so you address the safety concerns too without sacrificing effectiveness.

Fundamental tools and functionality

GS RichCopy 360 offers a lot of standard tools. Byte level replication lowers the time needed to complete a job. Files are synced with one another in a live scenario. You can easily copy the data to a distinct WAN or straight into the cloud depending on your purpose. 128/256 AES encryption assures that all the private info remains secure during the transfer. The GS RichCopy 360 chooses the number of bytes which need to be transferred at a specific time.

Other noticeable things

The software functions via the use of a just one port so distant transmissions aren’t a big concern. In short, this software is a perfect solution for business looking for a streamlined measure to copy their files with top notch safety.

This richcopy alternative is enhanced software which has been designed to help in backup and replication of data in an organization. Thus, it serves as an amazing means to assure top levels of redundancy during the time of server crash or system failure. This program is highly useful when transferring high quantity of information while copying and relocating.

Major features

  1. It can copy even the open files.
  2. It renders long path name support.
  3. It supports multi-threaded file copies.
  4. It can even copy NTFS security, date, and time stamp as well as file attributes.
  5. It can send when during the failure or success of the copy job via SMTP or cloud mail.
  6. It has the option to execute as a service.
  7. It gives full unlimited support.
  8. The software can copy the full directory or the changed files.
  9. It also handles locked files and the files with long file path names.
  10. It doesn’t need user intervention after the task has been created and it will run on the decided schedule.
  11. It sets destination folders to have the same time and date as the source folder.

So, all in all, the GS RichCopy360 is the perfect RichCopy alternative to open files without closing the program you are doing. It also comprises of Outlook PST files, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, Quick Books Databases, Outlook Express and SQL databases.

Moreover, it is the enhanced version designed for backup and replication for enterprises and firms who are looking for bulk transfer without any safety issues. It is the only file copy utility which makes use of its own proprietary multi-threading technique which makes use of all the accessible logical cores in the device. Its performance has been appreciated by the technological professionals and is now being used by thousands of customers across the globe. So, what are you waiting for!! Try it now.