How ERP Software Continues to Revolutionise Business in Singapore

How ERP Software Continues to Revolutionise Business in Singapore

Over the last 30 years, ERP systems have become one of the most essential elements of business in Singapore. For a product that only a narrow group of people are aware of and even fewer really understand, ERP systems software is at the heart of a bewildering array of companies and in every imaginable industry. It is hard to go through a day’s living in a major city without interacting with ERP systems, even if you are not aware of it – such is the technology’s reach. As a leading provider in the field, SYSPRO alone is actively engaged by over 15,000 businesses to support their ERP systems.

What do the magic words of modern business mean?

The rarely-expanded acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Management , a catch-all term meant to describe the very broad function of these software systems. The fact that this name is so general, as to barely describe its subject, is just an indicator of how flexible and essential to business an ERP system is. One can as easily speak of all ERP systems together as one can of all “vehicles”, but it can generally be said that they automate, monitor and advise on many aspects of a company’s core business, essentially a software “brain” for that firm.

For some companies, this mostly means gathering data on customer orders; tracking supplies and machine usage in warehouses; the movement of goods pallets and containers; or all three, along with the connected financial data which links their outcomes together. Early ERP efforts were more limited in their ability to bring together different areas of business and to automate their functions, but they have evolved with the times. The technology of 2017 has seen SYSPRO offer customisable, modular ERP systems which work equally well from either a local network or the cloud, and fully integrate with all arms of business across your supply chain.

Can ERP help my business too?

Modern advancements in ERP software have made it more powerful as well as more accessible to all businesses. No longer the exclusive toy of large companies, even cottage industries now utilise ERP to help identify where they can improve and where they are winning big. Cloud-hosted ERP solutions save you the financial outlay on hardware to support the system as well as data security in the case of a local disaster, such as flood or theft – now everyone can reap the benefits of this incredible software.