Have You Deleted Photos from Memory Card? There is Still a Chance

Have You Deleted Photos from Memory Card? There is Still a Chance

Getting all your holiday photos can be pretty easy on memory card, for example when kids get to the camera. But there is no need to panic. There is a data recovery company at https://www.salvagedata.com/memory-card-recovery/ offering expert solutions. We’ve also tested how programs can handle recovery.

If you lose your card, you can come up with three ways in the photo. Someone deleted the photos, formatted the card, or the card is corrupted, and some memory sectors are not readable. In such cases, there is no need to recover the images using a special tool. As we found out, for deleted and formatted cards, the chances of rescue are very high.

Paid vs. Free

On the Internet, we are interested in the paid and, above all, photo rescue designed by AshampooGetBack Photo. This is more than acceptable when saving unrepeatable footage, as well as Ashampoo is a well-known manufacturer for burning and converting media files. The program is very easy to use for the first impression, it does not offer too many options.

For comparison, we also tried Recuva from Piriform, which is free of charge in the basic version. According to Internet discussions, it is one of the most popular applications for free rescue. Unlike GetBack Photo, it refreshes not only photos but all kinds of files. The user interface is not as elegant as Ashampoo, however, Recuva is a user-friendly program.

As we tried

On a carefully deleted 2GB SD card, cameras always shot the JPG, RAW photos and videos in different formats. After that, we deleted or formatted the card directly in the camera. And then we tried to find lost data on it.

GetBack Photo does not even notice videos, as the title suggests. On the other hand, Recuva will find and try to save all kinds of files, so if you have some MP3 music on the formatted card and a backup of text documents, it will try to rescue all as well.

The result: Free Recuva works great

The result quite surprised us. With Recuva, we have a good past experience. From a commercial application, we expected a more enjoyable interface and a flawless result in the photo area. As for the interface, GetBack Photo did not disappoint us. However, the result is at least compromise.

On the other hand, some devices have internet memory such as iPhone. The data recovery from iPhone has different process. Learn about it from https://www.salvagedata.com/iphone-data-recovery/.