Giving Thru Church Giving Software

Giving Thru Church Giving Software

Easy to Support Community

There is a new kind of software in town called Church giving software, which allows any person to give to their Church, either anonymously or by name. The software is easy to use, and it doesn’t take much decision to clearly understand the principles of accounting. Say for example, my friend was ready to give weekly to his Church, but he didn’t have time to stop every week and go back to his computer to enter the same information day week after week. He could set up what is called a weekly gift in the Church giving software of his choice.

Guiding my Friend

Before I was able to help my friend he had already logged onto his computer and was spending time searching for Bible verses about decisions . When I asked what he was doing he said he remembered a verse about something called tithing, but he had forgotten what verse in the Bible it was from. We simply searched “giving verses” in Google and found the verse he was looking for. First, he would log onto the internet and go to the Church giving software of his choice. On this particular day, since I was there I made sure he had all of his credentials he needed to input the correct information. After he logged into his favorite church giving software he created his own account. This is a little note and an aside that is important for people who enjoy giving to others. You don’t have to be a member of the organization or even have any other relationship with the Church you want to give to other than a desire to support the Church.

No Problems and So Simple

After my friend opened his account it asked whether he wanted to carry out any other transaction and he clicked on set up a recurring gift. Every Church giving software application may use different words, but this one used “recurring” gift. The next window showed a place where he put his credit card information. He had the opportunity to put either his banking information, which is usually a routing number and account number, or his credit card information, which would be charged every week. So good so far and my friend had no problems understanding the program.

One Time or Recurring Giving

Next, the program asked whether my friend wanted this to be a one-time gift, a recurring weekly gift or to stop the gift at a certain time down the road, say December. At the beginning of the new year he could decide how he wanted to decide on a new charitable program for 2019. Philanthropy is a way people express their support of humanity’s need to support one another. I offered my friend to return if he needed further help and reminded him to put his password in a safe place for further reference.

Busy Givers and IOS

If you enjoy giving to philanthropic causes then you’ll be happy to know that charitable organizations are making it easier to give to them, which requires very little work on your part. It is easy to give online and today many of these programs also have an IOS or Android version you can carry with you wherever you are. It is easy to see how much supporting community in a small way can have a long term effect.