First aid or emergency medical services

First aid or emergency medical services

Nowadays many accidents are happening. People are dying due to not getting first aid or medical aid. Emergency medical services are important not only in 1 country but all countries. EMS should be provided to save the life of people. For this medical team should have proper EMS EQUIPMENT. They are doing social welfare so they should have proper updated ems equipment.

Places where ems required

These emergency medical services required at those places where hospitals are Not nearby, and there is difficult to bring patients hospital on time. Places are

  1. Remote area
  2. Less crowded areas
  3. Accident prone area
  4. Where there is Hospitals are far

These are the areas from where the reach of patients is not easy. So, Emergency medical services team reached these places on time with their equipment and saved the lives of many people. There should be proper equipment carry by the team. Because nobody knows which equipment would use at what time.

Important Equipment kept by the team

  • First aid box
  • Lab coat
  • Bandage
  • Stethoscope
  • Oxygen cylinder

This equipment are used at the time of emergency and as well as at the time of first aid. These are some items which help in giving first aid. Many people die due to not getting first aid immediately. Emergency medical services are the best to help at the time of requirement.

There should be proper contact number to call the emergency medical team. Because they can reach easily. They should be available at every place so that they should have a widened area to help the people. Contact number to call the team should be short so that at the time of help if the patient or relative call, the number should remind. It should be memorable. And the team would come with preparation with all updated equipment.