Duplicate Content: How It Affects Your Site

Duplicate Content: How It Affects Your Site

In the world of online marketing and using the best SEO practices an SEO agency Virginia has to offer means creating quality content. The problem with a constant demand for content for websites from every type of industry is the risk of duplication. No matter how original you want all of your published content to be, chances are there is already someone who has thought of the topic you want to write about.

Are duplicate contents really that harmful to your website? Here are some facts and myth about this important online marketing tool that every website owners should know about:

Fact 1: Non-Original Content Will Not Hurt Your Website’s Ranking

It is a common myth that non-original content harms your domain’s ranking. While of course it is considered unethical and bad practice to plagiarize other people’s work and publish it as your own, there is no harm in posting an article that was published somewhere else.

Duplicate content will not harm your current ranking, but you must also not expect the content to rank. It is just a way to keep a website looking active and updated without using too much time and effort. This is acceptable in most cases, but relying on duplicate content too much will raise the search engine alarms and get your domain suspended for spamming. So be careful when it comes to posting too many duplicates.

Fact 2: Duplicate Content With No Added Value Do Not Rank

While it might be acceptable to use duplicate content every once in a while you can never expect Google to rank it higher than the original copy, especially if there is no added value to the copied content. The original content found on trusted websites will always rank higher, so if you are worried about scrapers, you should stop.

Scrapers are irrelevant and will not earn a higher rank than your website because Google will not get confused. In the very rare cases that the search engine does get confused your trusted SEO agency Virginia based experts will quickly clarify and claim original ownership over the copy to clear up the confusion.

Fact 3: It Takes More Than 3 Copies For Content To Be Classified As Duplicate

For Google to actually flag something as a duplicate content, there must be more than just 2 – 3 copies of the same publication. In fact, the search engine will only flag websites that look like spam, which may sometimes require the repetition of the same copies with the same words and keywords over 1,000 times in one page.

As far as duplicate content issues, any copy that isn’t stuffed with too many useless keywords, chances are they will not be tagged as duplicates. Instead of worrying about creating a duplicate, simply put more focus on the quality of the content you are creating. Avoid the use of too many keywords in one post and you have nothing to worry about.

Quality Over Quantity

Dedicate time to creating quality content and only use duplicate content when there is no other choice. Remember, quality always ranks before quantity in the world of online marketing.

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