Are Automatic Instagram Likes Really Useful?

Are Automatic Instagram Likes Really Useful?

Instagram is one of the biggest social networking websites out there, and allows you to create engaging posts that can draw many social users. However, it generally needs a long time to get massive followers and likes for your account, and anything that you post therein. Thus, many agencies have come up that let you buy automatic Instagram likes . These are fake likes, intended to generate curiosity about your posts and boost your social campaign. But are these really effective? Read on to find out.

Boost in customer count

There is a definite increase in the number of social users, and therefore, the number of followers on your Instagram account. Other than automatic Instagram likes, you can hope to get quite a few actual likes from actual people out there. If you are interested in diverting social users as customers to your online store or website, that will be more easily possible. Social analytics tools can statistically prove the growth in the count of likes and followers.

Targeted likes from real people

Things were vastly different a few years back, when automatic Instagram likes were regarded as a quick fix. But it was soon nothing more than an exercise in vanity, as real users could easily make out fake followers from real ones and could understand or at least suspect that a bot has been used. There was no proper targeting of the right kind of customers, and there was quick unfollowing as a result. Today, with good agencies, you can choose:

  • Countries
  • Gender
  • Demographic
  • Likes from real accounts with actual followers

You can get real followers, likes and engagement that is real, and which motivates other users to follow you as well and like / comment on your Instagram posts.

Short-term spikes, to be followed by sustainable strategies

Buying automatic Instagram likes might not be a sustainable practice, and can even earn penalties for your account. But if used for a short-term, it can be quite profitable. It can be as useful as a massive opening for a movie. However, just like the overall box office results depend on the quality of the flick, the long-term success for your campaign and Instagram account will depend on whether you invest time, thought and efforts into your posts and your products / services. Ultimately, elbow grease is worthwhile and can make the actual difference while buying likes can be an impetus.