5 On-site SEO Problems That Hold Back E-commerce Sites

5 On-site SEO Problems That Hold Back E-commerce Sites

All over the web and marketing expert can get a plethora of information regarding the SEO mistakes to avoid. E-commerce sites are faced with various SEO challenges that choke their efficiency to deliver to their optimum. According to an expert from seoanalytics.pro, there is a great need for all business owners, marketing managers, and SEO experts to know these problems and how to solve them. For this reason, I will cover the five common problems which hold back the E-commerce sites form delivering.

Poor products descriptions

The problem with having Short, shallow and automated product descriptions as it is the norm is that the search engine has limited information. The sites with detailed product description have been seen to perform better in the delivery of search results on all popular search engines. Another challenge is the duplicate of information caused by the automated descriptions. Lastly, the manufacturer’s information is most likely also provided to many other sites.

As much as it is not possible to have each product get custom made information, e-commerce sites can choose the moving and popular products and pay attention to them. They can get detailed information as well as making them landing pages from various backlinks.

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Including site redesigns which are poor

SEO experts can know a poor site design with a first glance. However, some designers entice the e-commerce owners with low-cost sites and advise them to skip the scrutiny of an SEO professional in the name of saving cost. However, those implementing such a site will choke the efficiency of your site within a very short time. They do so by removing the pages which were attracting traffic, the introduction of new pages and different URL structure.

Failure to optimize the potential keywords

Do you know that it is possible to know which pages on your site are doing better than the rest? Well with such information you can understand which keywords are popular for your site. However, failure to understand and optimize these keywords will lead to great failure of your overall e-commerce site.

Taking keen interests on best performing keywords and optimizing them can lead to over 30 percent traffic increase per year. This also means that the revenue will increase.

Poor migration strategy of e-commerce platforms

Since the e-commerce sites rely on 3rd party platforms for their operations, businesses can find themselves moving from one platform to another. How this happens has a direct impact on the performance when on the new platform. A poor migration means that some crucial features are left behind and they will affect the site. The best thing is to study both platforms and make sure that they receive one can accommodate all the necessary features.

Failure to include user reviews

Seasoned SEO analysts have a word of caution here. The reviews from the users can affect the search results in one way or another. When user reviews are added and updated constantly, the organic web traffic to your site can grow with over 25 percent every month. Failure to include them is a major challenge for most e-commerce sites and this is the effect.