5 Helpful Tools for A Successful WordPress Site

5 Helpful Tools for A Successful WordPress Site

WordPress helps building an impressive site quite quickly, but it doesn’t guarantee great search ranking. SEO being the most complicated field, requires you to look into various factors that take a hit, because of your on-page and off-page activities. They cover everything – from choosing webhosting service to structuring internal links on your website – you have done to build your online presence

While knowledge about these factors is good, but it will not pay off until you practically make things perfect. What you are going to need are the right optimization tools in order to be more visible on SERPs. In this post Webryze search engine optimization services have found some of the best tools for a profitable WordPress website.

WordPress Hosting

As we all know WordPress is quite popular, so obviously, more and more companies entered the scene offering webhosting packages. These services are often called managed WordPress Hosting solutions. WP Engine is amongst the best service providers.

WordPress infrastructure is run and other server resources are well optimized because of WordPress hosting. As a result:

  • Your website loads faster
  • Its uptime will be much better.
  • Installation process is far more sophisticated and quick,
  • Customers can easily get in touch with technical staff dedicated for troubleshooting.

CDN Content Delivery Network

If you have a website that loads fast, it will automatically improve user experience and leads to higher rankings. Here CDN, (Content Delivery Network) comes into play. It helps improve user experience by connecting users to the nearest network on servers. You can use CloudFlare for this purpose. The service providers have 36 locations worldwide, in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. They offer high-end security features like DDoS protection and WAF (Web Application Firewall).

Spam Comments

Spam comments used to be a problem for WordPress websites since they can leak out “link juice”, especially if you don’t moderate comments with URLs. With a spam prevention tool like Akismet , you can quickly filter out spammy comments with little setup. Once activated, it will automatically delete suspicious comments, reveal “hidden” links, and records a comment history for manual moderation. Although there are new plugins that contain extra features such as captcha, very few site owners ever need something more than what Akismet have to offer.

Efficient WordPress Theme

If you want to ensure the best experience for your audience, make sure you judge a WordPress theme by its performance, not just looks. Moreover, it should perform consistently regardless of the device being used. By far, Schema is the most popular and highest-rated theme to date that fits the bill perfectly.

Take note that the name “fastest SEO WordPress theme” is backed by data. According to tests, the loading speed of Schema’s default homepage is one second faster than mainstream themes like Genesis Framework. Furthermore, the theme’s layout is preconfigured to give the audience a great experience while maximizing the visibility of ads for bigger revenue.

Metadata and XML Sitemap

Finally, metadata and the XML sitemap are two critical factors for SEO. Metadata such as the meta description works by giving search engine users some context on what your site is about. It may not directly affect your rankings, but it does boost the click-through rate and therefore contribute to your site’s traffic.

An XML sitemap, on the other hand, helps search engine crawlers navigate your site and index pages by providing it with a map that covers all your links. To optimize both your site’s metadata and sitemap, you can use Yoast SEO —an all-in-one on-page optimization tool for SEO.


With the tools above, you have more than enough to carry your site’s SEO for the next few years—or until Google shakes things up with a major update again.