Supercharge your Website Speed & UX with Magento PWA

CMS Magento is one of the few platforms that have implemented PWA in their solutions. PWA technology is quite young. But it is already widespread in the field of e-commerce. Magento platform has already gained experience with PWA using its own solution - PWA Studio

What is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a technology that combines the usability of websites with the power of mobile apps. Basically, with PWA Magento, you can turn your website into a progressive web application that will be working on all devices and operating systems.

More and more people in the world are shopping online using smartphones. Mobile traffic is constantly growing. And in online shopping as well. Magento PWA technologies  will attract more customers to your store

Web apps allow users to find products and make purchases faster by using the web app directly in the browser. This allows people to avoid downloading the application to their phone. At the same time, the functionality of PWA is similar to the functionality of a native application.

The Magento 2 e-commerce platform implements the ability to apply PWA technologies to your site.

The main opportunities that PWA application gives to you!

  1. Installing your store icon on your phone desktop. Outwardly, it will not differ from the native application icon.

  2. Working with the application offline. This allows you to check out anywhere, even without an internet connection. And reduces the load on your hosting from the client.

  3. Faster and smoother shopper browsing. It creates sympathy from your
    customers and improves store conversion.

  4. Sending notifications. That is used to remind your customers about the goods that are in the basket. Happy birthday to the client and make him an individual offer. Push notifications are a dream come true for online marketers and store owners. You are now always close to the client.

  5. Reduced development costs. Now there is no need to create separate applications for iOS or Android! You will have one app that works on all devices and in all web browsers.

  6. Improve your position in search results by accelerating content loading and session continuity–ļ

  7. Lack of user-side updates. This also increases customer loyalty. Everyone knows how annoying it is to constantly update apps.

  8. No mandatory download required in the App Store or Google Play. Customers install the app from your site! But at the same time, since 2019, it is possible to upload PWAs to these app stores. Your customers will be able to download the app from where they are used to.

  9. Enhanced security of client data using HTTPS protocol

You can implement all these possibilities on your website using the Magento 2 PWA platform.