PD2.0 + QC3.0 Quick Charge Protocol TS80P Smart Soldering Iron Usage Brief

The second-generation TS80P soldering iron dual-fast charging protocol version of e-Design has been released. It also supports QC3.0 and PD 2.0 protocols, and the power is upgraded from 16W-24W of TS80 to 30W. The temperature rises faster and the response is more sensitive.

The version I ordered contains a charging head, which contains a 45W, Apple-style charging head. At present, after many days of familiarization and use, it has become a daily tool in a backpack to deal with daily work or critical events. After all, it is only 35 grams. Welding, emergency fire, hot melt repair, etc., only need a charging treasure that supports QC3.0 or PD2.0.

TS80P controller and a soldering tip
45W PD 2.0 power plug
Super soft pure silicone wire 1 meter length
HEX key
Anti-static spring wire with 4mm standard banana plug and banana seat clip
Safe instructions

Apple-style customized PD power plug, 45W and a variety of output voltage options.
See the close-up picture above for details. Actually, Macbook Pro can be used directly.

This super-soft line is specially ordered by e-Design, and this level is really not found on the market. As everyone knows, the electric iron is easy to accidentally touch the power cord to cause burns and damage, but using such a pure silicone wire will not be so easy to burn.

In actual use, not all USB to TYPE-C cables conform to the QC3.0 or PD 2.0 standard. Only when you encounter it will you find that, especially the wire from foreign garbage, when you buy the wire It is best to bring TS80P to test directly on site.

Compared with my hand, the TS80P is actually only a little bit. In daily operation, it is not as large as possible. It is as thin as the size of the finger. It is as flexible and easy to operate as your own finger.

From TS100 to TS80 to today: TS80P, the series of products are exported to many countries in the world, have experienced many years so far, and have been recognized and approved. There is no need to describe it at all, or even advertising. The only thing needed is to evaluate its Whether the value fits within the scope of one's economic ability is sufficient.

BASEUS power bank can be used happily, of course, the power will be limited. In fact, I personally hope that Miniware will launch its own power supply module, which supports PD 2.0, full 36W power version, 12V 3 amp energy transmission, etc., not only can match its own TS80P, but also can match it with MDP-XP, Compatibility is not the way.

Write at the end:

After using it for a week, I basically tried all kinds of wires and charging treasures. The TS80P is like a mirror, with a USB detector, and shows the status of all charging treasures and various TYPE-C cables. Had a windfall.

The OLED screen is small, but it not only shows the temperature, but also the voltage or power, the status of temperature rise and fall, and if there is current in the future, it will be even better! All USB testers can be thrown away.

The charging head set recommended by TS80P + PD 2.0 / QC 3.0 is very convenient. The speed thermal efficiency is obviously optimized compared to the previous generation TS80. Although it is only increased by 10W, the speed is increased by the rate! For those who are anxious, the rapid warming in the video is believed to make you feel refreshed.

If you are interested, please have details of this company here: http://www.miniware.com.cn