Best Android and iOS apps’ ratings

A smartphone and tablet are the everyday friend of a person who solves a lot of household and work issues. This is ensured by a large number of games and applications that can be downloaded without restrictions in official stores (Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones and iPads), or in other places. But is there a problem that you have nothing to install? In other words, it cannot be formulated, so we will stick to such a simple statement of the question.

You have a smartphone and the understanding that it can solve any problem. That's just a smartphone remains a blank piece of paper as part of the writer's creative crisis. Do you use a calculator, messenger and ... Tinder? In any case, the capabilities of a pocket assistant are used by 5%, since a person does not even imagine what applications exist on the planet and how they can help him. Great if it's different. However, practice shows that the vast majority of people do not suspect what their gadget is capable of.

But there is one solution that is designed to solve this problem and fill the gap of a person’s ignorance about the world of mobile programs and games. We are talking about the Appelse website.

Best app top list for all tastes

What is it and how can a site be useful to literally anyone who has a smartphone or tablet based on Android or iOS in their pocket? Let's look in order in all aspects.

First of all, this is a site on which a large number of lists of applications are collected. That is, you have a specific topic or need that your smartphone could solve. It is enough to enter the site, enter a keyword in the search, and the corresponding article will be displayed. Each text on the site is an expert study that contains some of the best recommendations on a selected topic.

For example, does someone need convenient daily calorie counters? Appels contains articles on this topic. As well as instant messengers, music players, sudoku and poker applications for every taste, and so on. These are top-level applications that delight thoughtful usability and design, and the simplest solutions that complete the task without frills and save space in the smartphone’s memory.

It’s enough for the reader to open the text to compare some of the best options from App Store and Google Play nearby. Each article contains several short descriptions of each application that are easy to read. It covers only the most important thing that will help make the right choice for the given parameters. The purpose of this site is to save readers time in the search and selection of quality applications. As practice shows, Appelse does this well.

What important aspects of the site can be noted as well? Let's mention a few more important facts that will bring the well-deserved additional image to the Appelse.

Fresh and useful app ideas

Here are presented very creative, unusual and diverse application ideas. And they are always useful. The content of the site is updated regularly, and visitors can constantly find ideas on how to make your life more comfortable, simpler and best with just a couple of clicks. The range of applications is very diverse: here are common applications for a wide audience, but at the same time there are entertainment only for children or, for example, highly specialized professional assistants. Most importantly, these are only the best applications of their kind and, where possible, as diverse as possible.

Focus on free apps

One of the main aspects of the site’s policy is to offer users the opportunity to solve tasks without extra costs. This means that most of the applications on the site are free to download. Sometimes you can find paid links here, but this is only due to the lack of high-quality free applications in a particular topic. This is rare, but sometimes it happens.

Relevance and correctness of content

Site moderators are constantly working so that users have access only to the best applications that are available right now. This means that broken links and bad applications are very rare. We strive to identify shortcomings in order to provide each user with the user experience that he deserves.

So, are you still thinking, is it worth paying attention to the top lists of applications? You better go to the Apples and see if there is anything special for you.