8 reasons to use snippet managers

Every programmer, engineer, or computer science student often works with code. Many projects relate to routine daily activities. Many pieces of code can be used twice or more on different projects. All of it signals that you need a code snippet manager. Here are eight reasons why such an application is vital for you.

Syntax highlighting

Creating snippets involves spelling and code checking. It is more important than an essay because your work is at stake. Syntax highlighting will help to identify errors and write code that works well. It will significantly save the time and nerve cells of any programmer.

Dark and Light Themes

How long have you been working on your MacBook or iMac? Maybe you like coding in the evening or at night? Then you need a snippet mac manager that supports dark and light themes. It seems like a minor attribute, but your eyes will thank you. A dark theme not only saves battery power but also allows your eyes to relax in the dark. It helps many people to concentrate on work.

Multiple storages

You can sync snippets with iCloud and GitHub. It is great for remote work.

GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode

Preview mod is a holy grail for any programmer. A particular application for snippets will allow you to speed up your work at times.

Display invisible characters

This feature helps save time and finds invisible characters in your code. Now you do not have to frantically search for it manually, hoping that your code will work. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to spend a lot of time on unnecessary editing of your code. It is crucial because you can organize all your data and spend time on more important things.

Proper file storage

If you keep your snippets without systematization, then you waste a lot of time in vain. Automation and convenient search save time and money. You can also add your code snippets to your favorites for quick searching.

Showing of line numbers

This simple function saves time and allows you to print code without errors. You can quickly leave a comment in the code and remember the line number.

Tab size customization

Customizing size is essential when you work with a lot of code. It is about convenience and speed. Now you can always organize your workspace correctly. All these options are available at snippet manager SnipperApp 2. You can use it to create the best code. Check the app benefits, and improve your coding process.