Checklist For Technical SEO For The Year 2017

Checklist For Technical SEO For The Year 2017

It is not enough to ensure that a website is optimised and regularly maintained. The website also needs to be checked for the effectiveness of the strategy implemented and the results obtained vis-a-vis the results desired. Hence it always helps to get SEO agencies like Jacksonville SEO agency to conduct a technical audit on the website from time to time. In fact this should be incorporated into any annual maintenance contract that a website owner goes into with any SEO agency.

Care should also be taken by website owners to ensure that the following points are covered in the technical SEO audit conducted. These points pertain to the:

  • Determination of strategic objectives which essentially need to be:
    • Specific and precise,
    • Measurable in terms of quanta of achievement,
    • Attainable within a specific period,
    • Relevant to the vision and mission of the e-commerce website and
    • Time period within which to achieve the same.
  • Keyword analysis which determines the:
    • Worth of the targeted keywords used in the current strategy and
    • Untapped keywords which have the potential to facilitate easy wins.
  • Competitor analysis which pertains again to the validation of the keywords used and also to find link opportunities which one might have missed or overlooked by:
    • Checking for the competitiveness of a keyword,
    • Analysing successful competitors contents and
    • Scraping through a competitors profile for possible link opportunities.
  • Technical analysis to check for any technical issues and errors which might be causing a negative impact both on:
    • User experience on the website and
    • The rankings of the website.
  • Page level analysis to check if the keyword landing webpage is properly optimised,
  • Content analysis to validate the effectiveness of the contents uploaded on the website and determines changes for further improvement.
  • User experience analysis and link analysis to check for the relevance of incorporated links.

This analysis, done by the SEO agency a website owner is in contract with, like the Jacksonville SEO agency will go a long way in ensuring the success and profitability of an optimised website.

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